My Free Credit Report

With so many options for my free credit report don’t forget to get your
free credit scores as well.

But, with so many options how do you select which one is best for you? As long as you are getting all three credit reports along with your three unique credit scores from the major credit reporting agencies you have satisfied your need when you are looking for my free credit report.

There is a government option that does allow you to have access to only your credit reports and this is known as my free annual credit report service, but this does not include your credit scores. Why use this service, when you have so many options that will give you free credit reports and free credit scores?

my free credit reportAnyone that wants to monitor their complete credit profile, will read through all three of their credit reports as well as monitor and understand their three credit scores. Many people will quickly glance at their credit scores and if they find them to be good enough, they do not bother to read their credit reports. This is a big mistake because there is very important information on your credit reports that could stand in the way of getting a loan approved, and some of these items are not reflected on your credit scores.

It is a good idea to always make sure your personal information is accurate as well as information about any credit accounts that you hold. Any effort to make the information on your credit reports as accurate as possible will save you time and explanations when you apply for your next loan.

Whenever you access my free credit report, please take the time to carefully read all the information inside of each credit report and make sure everything displayed is correct. Mistakes are quite common but easy to have fixed with a little effort. It is also a good idea to make sure that all the information being displayed is actually yours.

Another common occurrence is someone else’s credit showing up on your credit report. People with similar names sometimes get information crossed and it would be a shame if your credit scores were high because of somebody else’s good credit account. When you apply for a loan these days, all companies will check your entire credit history on all three credit rating agencies.

Never trust a score without reading a report to make sure you deserve the high score. Plus, personal data is not figured into a score, so that could be really bad and not affecting any of your ratings. Always review all information being reported by the agencies. When you allow someone to look at your records, they will be looking at everything.

Did you know that when you apply for a loan, they will match the information you give them to the information that is contained on your credit reports. If any information does not match, the best that can happen is that it will just delay your loan application while they verify that the information is a mistake, but it can also result in a denial if you fail to disclose certain credit accounts. Every time you access my free annual credit report, you should make sure to review all of your information so that any time you grant someone authorization to access your credit file, you do not have to worry about what they are going to find listed on your credit reports.

It is interesting when you look at the services offered in that many of them are actually companies that are owned by the three major credit agencies, but they go by different names thinking people do not want to access their information directly from a major credit bureau. I do not understand why they do this, but they must have better luck using different names or catchy names for these services. Do not be surprised when you access your information if you find out that you got this information directly from one of the major agencies.

It does not matter if you get this information from the major agency or one of the companies that just accesses this information and provides it to you, as it is all the same.

It does not matter which service you use to access your free credit reports and free credit scores, and you might even want to try out a few to find out which one you prefer. All of these companies provide essentially the same information, but it is presented in different formats so find one you prefer. When you find one that you like, simply go back time to the same service you want to access your information.

When you are getting this information free of charge, your actually signing up for a trial subscription to amy free annual credit report credit monitoring service. The information you will receive when you access my free credit report is very valuable and worth the effort as you will need to call this company to cancel your subscription before they charge your credit card.

Some say this is not the best way to access your files as you must give most places your billing details. If you are using a credit card, then you are safe as you can always dispute the charge if a company charges you without your consent. All you need to do is cancel per the agreement, and you will not be charged. The other option is providing billing information so you can be charged immediately for you reports, and I prefer to have the opportunity to cancel and nit be billed. But the choice is yours. I just know that I can access my free annual credit report by signing up and then canceling, so that is how I prefer to do it.

Now all you have to do is find any service that is willing to provide you with the information I have described above and then take the time to read this information thoroughly. If you do find mistakes there will be information in this report telling you exactly how to correct this information quickly.