My Free Annual Credit Report

Finding my free annual credit report online can be simple.

It is common for people to go online looking for my free credit report as many have heard that they are entitled to this information free because of a government program.

Keep in mind you can get free scores with your free reports.

There is a program that the government has devised in association with the three major credit bureaus where they do provide you with a credit report once a year. This is not a good program and I am not alone in my opinion of this because this service does not provide credit scores.

When you go online to access your credit reports from the credit agencies and if you want your credit scores, they try very hard to sell you this information and additional information.

As you have probably seen online, there are companies offering my free annual credit report from all 3 agencies with free credit scores. This is the best way to obtain my free annual credit report as you can get your credit scores as well. The way this process works is that you will be enrolling in a credit monitoring service for a trial subscription. As soon as you enroll, these services will deliver a credit report that contains information from all three credit agencies. This is referred to as a three in one credit report and this report will also contain your three credit scores. You must remember that you have signed up for a free trial membership and if you do not want to pay this company for their services you must cancel during the trial membership term. You have the option of canceling immediately after they have delivered your valuable credit report. You can also review their services during the trial term as you may find valuable information in their site. Since you have time to look around while you are there free, why not read what they have and learn something about maintaining high scores?

Those who are trying to find my free annual credit report and use the method described above will have obtained the best possible credit report available. In my opinion, there is not too much information to be understood from the website that offered this service as the most important information is included in the report that they gave you. If you find the services interesting from the company that provided you with this report then look for a low-cost monthly option that will provide you with alerts anytime there is any activity on any of your three credit reports.

Another option these services have available is a credit score alert. This function will send an automated e-mail anytime your credit score changes within a predefined range that you have set up with your account. If you find yourself in need of repairing your credit or needing to access your credit reports frequently, maintaining a subscription may be a convenient method for you to meet your needs. For those that worry about identity theft, the e-mail alerts are a perfect tool to protect yourself as you will know any time someone submits an inquiry using your personal information. I have stopped identity theft using a service that I am a member of, and have been a member of, for many years. It does not matter to me if you join one of these services or not, as your goal today was to find my free annual credit report and using their free trial membership is the best way to obtain the best report.

my free annual creditWhen you are looking for these services, do not waste your time with any company that wants you to pay for additional credit scores or any other information. There are far too many credit services offering you a complete credit report in exchange for sampling their credit monitoring services.

The only thing that you should pay for their actual monthly service if you decide that you want to keep your membership active.

If the idea of this service seems interesting you can just sign up for some trial memberships at some various services every time you want to access your credit reports and eventually you will find a service that is cost-effective and you prefer.

Reading credit reports is not exciting so you may find that one provides a format that is easier for you to understand if you decide that you want to review your credit information every month.

Many years ago when you wanted to access my free annual credit report these options did not exist and if you wanted any reports that include credit scores, you had to pay for it. The government program is not beneficial to consumers as it actually helps the credit companies charge consumers to have access to their credit scores.

I do not like the term annual credit report either because it implies that you only need to review your credit once a year. Anyone that has an excellent credit history and very high credit scores has learned that they need to monitor their credit far more often than once a year. This does not mean you must use monthly monitoring, but the idea of only looking once a year is not the best idea for someone who needs excellent records. Many will do just fine with a check once a year, but those with high scores are those that generally check more often. Try checking more often and see what happens to your scores. It is free, so it is only your time you are spending.

Just look around at the options, and you can’t go wrong, as long as you do not pay anything to access your files. Some companies want billing details, but never agree to any charges immediately for anything. Just because you provide your billing information does not mean you need to be billed. This just narrows down those that qualify for the free offers. Whether you are looking for credit scores or reports, you might want to look for services that provide a better source for my free annual credit report, such as those with 3 scores along with your reports.