My Annual Credit Report

My annual credit report is a very good service “if” you get your
free credit scores as well.

  • Did you know that you need to check your credit report at all three credit reporting agencies?
  • You actually have three annual credit reports that you can get free and you can also get your credit scores from each of the three credit bureaus with those reports free as well.
  • If you do not check your credit report at all three bureaus and check all three credit scores, you are not reviewing your entire credit profile.

For people that are not familiar with credit reporting, there are three agencies that collect all of your information. When you authorize someone to access your credit information, they are going to pull information from all of these agencies. That is why you need to verify the information on all three credit bureaus and check the unique credit score that is maintained by each credit agency as well.

Each credit agency has their own credit score, this means you have three credit scores that you have to check. To be honest with you, the term my annual credit report should be my monthly credit report or my free credit report every few months if you want to properly monitor your entire credit history. Another common term is my free credit report and is much better as there are no annual implications.

When you access your annual credit report free, you actually need to check all three credit reports and all three credit scores to get a complete picture of what is being reported about you to anyone who accesses your information with your permission. There are many services that provide the information from all of the agencies on one report that includes your credit scores as well.

There is a free government provided service that will allow you to access only your credit report information, but not your credit scores. Additionally, this service does not provide you with the necessary information to understand your credit reports and your credit scores. By using this service to get your three credit reports you are merely getting information that is useless and less you are a credit professional. Anyone that wants to get complete information on their entire credit profile and information how to understand what is on your credit reports, will use one of the free services.

The government option to access my free annual credit report is not an effective method for accessing yourmy annual credit report credit information now that you have many options for much better information free of charge. The government option actually helps the credit bureaus to get you to pay them to get your credit scores. If you were to use the government free option, you would then see that you do not have your scores and then be inclined to pay each of the credit agencies for your credit scores. This is why the credit agencies did not complain when the government suggested that they provide free credit reports.

A smart consumer will take advantage of the free trial offers from the many services that provide all three credit reports and all three credit scores free of charge for simply trying out their services. You will have to cancel their service in order to obtain this information for free, otherwise they will charge your credit card. All you have to do is place a phone call to the service and tell them you no longer want to try out their service, and they will discontinue this service and this information is yours to keep free of charge. If you were to try to buy this information online it would cost you in excess of $30. I have used these services when I want to access my credit reports and scores many times.


Since you have read down this far and this article, I will give you another tip. You will be inclined to join one of these services as the information they provide is worth every penny that they chart. I will admit I do maintain a subscription to one of these credit reporting services. However, when I want to obtain information about my wife’s credit, I use the free option just as I am suggesting you use. Unless you have a pressing need to have your credit information monitored on a monthly basis and you do not have the time to log in and try out one of these services every few months, you should keep using the free options.

Even if you are determined to subscribe to one of these services, do yourself a favor and try out a few of these to find out which service you prefer. If you want to do more than just simply access my annual credit report and want to have monthly credit monitoring, try out a few different services before you actually subscribe to one of these monthly plans. What you will do is save yourself some monthly fees and you will get to check out the different options available from the different services. When you find a service that does everything you want for a reasonable fee, then you are welcome to subscribe to that service. At least using my method, you have checked out many options and know you are using a service to access your credit reports and credit scores using a service that you enjoy.


Reviewing your credit information is not what anyone would consider to be fun, so find a service that you like using and provides the information in a format that you do not mind reviewing every month. I started learning about this when I first learned to access my annual credit report online and I did not have many options. You are very fortunate now that there are many services competing for your business. Just a few years ago you did not have many options and the government option was actually not a bad choice and less you wanted to pay for your credit scores. Fortunately for you things have advanced and more companies want your business and want you to try out their services. Therefore you can try out their services free of charge and get your annual credit report free any time you want.

my fre annual credit reportTake advantage of their free offers and get this information for free as long as possible before you have to start paying monthly fees. You actually never have to start paying monthly fees as you can continue to do what I have taught you to do above forever. There will always be another service willing to provide you with this information for trying out their service in the hopes that you will expand your needs beyond getting my free annual credit report to getting my monthly credit report.

If you have just skipped to the bottom of the page, I will summarize what I’ve said above by stating that accessing my annual credit report can be done using the free government service, but they do not include your credit scores. You have many better options by simply trying out one of these services that are willing to give you free credit reports and free credit scores from all three of the major credit bureaus. The government option is technically obsolete now that you have so many services that will give you much more information that includes your complete credit profile.